Groundfish Forum Announces New Executive Director
Release Date:  April 22, 2014
Senate Hears from North Pacific on MSA Reauthorization
By Molly Dischner, Alaska Journal of Commerce – March 2014
Industry Says U.S. Fishing Law Works Well in Alaska
By Lisa Ruskin, APRN – February 2014
Northwest Shipbuilders Expect a Boost from Coast Guard Bill
By Steve Wilhelm, Puget Sound Business Journal – December 2012
Fishing Vessel Construction Work Surges
By Steve Wilhelm, Puget Sound Business Journal – November 2012
Halibut Workshop Slated for April 24-25 in Seattle
By Margaret Bauman, Fishermen’s News Online – April 2012
Bering Sea Fisheries Conference
News from Seattle’s Office of Economic Development @ – April 2012
Fisheries Regulators Take On Preservation of Bering Sea Canyons
By Alexandra Gutierrez, Unalaska Community Broadcasting KUCB 89.7 fm Channel 8 – April 2012
Federal Fleet-Investment Limitations Frustrate Ship Owners
By Hal Bernton, Seattle Times – June 27, 2009
Federal Rules Can Hinder Replacement of Old Boats
By Levi Pulkkinen, Seattle Post-Intelligencer – March 2008
Alaska Fleet Reduces Ground Impact
Fishing News International – February 2008
Truth Lies at Bottom of the Sea
By Ed Luttrell – August 2006
In response to “Bottom Trawling Clearcuts the Oceans”, Seattle PI – August 2004
Cold Water Coral War – A Battle Heats Up Between Trawlers, Environmentalists
By Eric Morrison, Juneau Empire – January 2004
Groundfish Forum’s Press Release on NMFS’ December 1, 2000 Biological Opinion
December 6, 2000
•  Glouster Forum Offers Innovative Tech Ideas
By Lorelei Stevens, Commercial Fisheries News – October 2000
Evolution of Fishing Explored at Forum
By Barbara Taormina, Glouster Daily Times – September 2000
John Gauvin’s Environmental Hero Award
Earth Day, 2000
Trawler’s Avoiding By-Catch “Hot Spots”
By FNI Staff, Fishing News International – February 1998
New Federal Rule Aims to Reduce Wasteful Fishing
Juneau Empire, January 1998
Waste Not, Want Not
By Helen Jung, Anchorage Daily News – January 1998
Amendment 49:  Improved Retention/Improved Utilization of Fish
Groundfish Forum’s Open Top Intemediate Rule Aims to Trim Bycatch:  Fishermen Fear It Will Trim Their Numbers
In Search of Full Retention – A Gutsy Experiment Pays Off for Everyone
By Mick Kronman, National Fisherman Magazine – September 1997
Time to Stop Telling Fish Stories
By J. Madeleine Nash, Time Magazine – August 1997
Response to Time article, “The Fish Crisis”
Groundfish Forum Not Formed Over Full-Retention Issue
By John Gauvin, Dutch Harbor Fishermen – July 1997
Cleaner Fishing
By Laine Welch, Anchorage Daily – April 1997
Weaker Yen Threatens Prices for Alaska Salmon