Developing Machine Vision to Collect More Timely Fisheries Data
NOAA Fisheries – May 31, 2018
Yellowfin Sole Harvest in Bering Sea Sprinting After Slow Start
By Jason Huffman, – May 11, 2018
Eastern Shipbuilding Group Launches North Star
WJHG/WECP – April 19, 2018
Modernizing Fisheries Management Should Benefit All Sectors
By Shannon Carroll and Susie Zagorski, Fishermen’s News – April 1, 2018
Device Measures and Identifies Bycatch
By Kayla Desroches, KMXT 100.1FM Kodiak, Alaska – March 21, 2018
Pacific Fisheries Review: US Fisheries – Technology and Sustainability
By Mike Hillers, Fishermen’s News – December 1, 2017
Spooling Strategies: European Electric Winches Hit the US
By Jean Paul Vellotti, National Fisherman – August 10, 2017
Trawl Visualization and the Future
By Miken Hillers, National Fisherman – August 1, 2017
Advances in Trawling
By David J. Pratt, Fishermen’s News – August 1, 2017
Bottom-trawling Techniques Leave Different Traces on the Seabed
Saving Seafood – July 25, 2017
All Hail, Araho! O’Hara Corp.’s New Flagship Factory Trawler is on Call for Cod
By Bruce Buls, National Fisherman – May, 2017
The F/T Araho – ‘The Next Level’ for Bering Sea Fishery
By Daniel Mintz, Pacific Fishing – April 25, 2017
The Race To Fish Slows Down. Why That’s Good For Fish, Fishermen And Diners
By Clare Leschin-Hoar, – April 5, 2017
Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) is the key to sustainable fisheries
Marine Conservation Alliance – March 27, 2017
Eastern Shipbuilding Delivers the F/T Araho Building Boom: North Pacific Fleet Makeover Will Generate Billions
By Jean Paul Vellotti, National Fisherman – March 24, 2017
Eastern Shipbuilding Delivers the F/T Araho
Fishermen’s News – March 1, 2017
Newbuild Factory Trawler Araho En Route to Alaska
By Jessica Hathaway, – February 8, 2017
NPFMC Director Chris Oliver Receives Massive Industry-Wide Support to be NOAA’s Next Fisheries Admin
By Michael Ramsingh, – January 27, 2017
Harvesting Flatfish in the Last Frontier
Sponsored: Meet the fleet that powers Southwest Alaska, Presented by Groundfish Forum, – January 26, 2017
Fishing Company of Alaska Vessels and Quotas Sold to Ocean Peace, O’Hara Corp.
By Hal Bernton, Seattle Times – January 23, 2017
Search Called Off for F/V Juris, Investigation Ongoing
By Peggy Parker, – August 2, 2016
46 Mariners Rescued Off Alaska Coast
By DJ Mark Edward Nero, Pacific Maritime Online Magazine – July 29, 2016
Trawlers Harvest Yellowfin Sole in Bristol Bay
By Molly Dischner, [Bristol Bay Times] – July 26, 2016
State Fix on Groundfish Tax Collection Still a Work in Progress
By DJ Summers, Alaska Journal of Commerce – June 15, 2016
Tighter Retention Rules Prompted United States Seafoods Vessel Refit
By Ola Wietecha, Undercurrent News – June 10, 2016
Navy Ship Embarks on New Career in Fishing Fleet
By Hal Bernton, Seattle Times – June 2, 2016
The F/V Ocean Peace is Modernized and Upgraded
By Peter Marsh, – June 1, 2016
Latest McDowell Analysis Shows Market Distribution for Alaska’s Groundfish and Crab (Fish Radio)
By Laine Welsh, [Fish Radio] – June 1, 2016
Alaska Fisheries Value and Volume Again Lead in NOAA Seafood Economics Report
By DJ Summers, [Alaska Journal of Commerce] – May 27, 2016
Fishermen’s Finest CEO Helena Park Made Disciplined Bold Investment in $80 Million Factory Trawler
By Melissa Crowe, [Puget Sound Business Journal] – April 1, 2016
N. Pacific Council Raises Pollock TACs by 2.34%, Flatfish Slightly Down, Cod Steady
By Peggy Parker, – December 11, 2015
Alaska Working on State Flatfish Tax Fix to Capture Foregone Revenue
By DJ Summers, [Alaska Journal of Commerce] – December 10, 2015
About 10% of Seafood Donated to Sea Share is Bycatch, Much of it From Alaska (Fish Radio)
By Laine Welch on Fish Radio, – December 10, 2015
Halibut Deck Sorting on Track to Deliver Substantial Mortality Improvements This Season
By John Sackton, – December 3, 2015
North Pacific Council to Talk Halibut Rules, Groundfish Quota
By DJ Summer, Alaska Journal of Commerce – December 2, 2015
Cod Allocation Could Revive Adak Processing Plant
By Jim Paulin, Pacific Fishing – Dutch Harbor Report – December 2015
Bottom Trawl Impacts Far Less than Claimed if Accurate Spatial Measurements Used
By Peggy Parker, – November 25, 2015
Research FindsTrawling Not As Devastating As Often Portrayed
By Ola Wietecha, – November 23, 2015
Araho Launch a Milestone for Fisheries
By Larry Chowning, National Fisherman – November 2015
Major Fleets in North Pacific Urge Coast Guard to Keep 2-Year Inspection Cycle
By Peggy Parker, – October 16, 2015
New Freezer Trawler for O’Hara
Fishermen’s News – October 1, 2015
Fishing Industry Pushes for Safety Exams Every 2 Years
By Hal Bernton, Seattle Times – September 27, 2015
Seafood Entrepreneur: The Korean Woman Company Founder Who Pushed for Americanization of Alaskan Groundfish Fishery
By Jeanine Stewart, – August 20, 2015
The O’Hara Fishing Dynasty: Their Secret? Knowing When to Fish or Cut Bait
By Christine Parish, – August 14, 2015
O’Hara Corp Christens First New Amendment 80 Vessel in Nearly 30 Years
By Jeanine Stewart, – August 11, 2015
Halibut Anger Lands on Wrong Target
By Lori Swanson, [Letters] – July 7, 2015
What Did Scientists See During Eastern Bering Sea Canyon Survey?
Alaska Fisheries Science Center News – June 24, 2015
Alaska Flatfish Catchers Take Hit After NPFMC Bycatch Vote
By Christine Blank, [Opinion] – June 10, 2015
Divided Council Cuts Halibut Bycatch Cap in Bering Sea by 25%; Promises Further Action
By DJ Summers, [Alaska Journal of Commerce [Opinion] – June 8, 2015
Reallocating Alaskan Halibut Restrictions Could Ruin Seattle’s Trawl Fleet
By Chris Woodley, Seattle Times [Opinion] – June 2, 2015
Halibut Bycatch Cap Reduction Should Reflect What We Know About the Resource
By John Gauvin, Alaska Dispatch News [Commentary] – May 28, 2015
Op Ed:  Fears Mount Over NPFMC Halibut By-catch Quota Vote
By Andrew Murphy, Alaska Business Monthly – May 19, 2015
Trawler Representatives Say 50% Halibut Bycatch Reduction is Neither Fair Nor Equitable
By Chris Woodley, [Letters] – May 15, 2015
In Their Own Words: How Both Sides Frame Halibut Bycatch
By Peggy Parker & John Sackton, Fishermen’s News Online [Opinion] – May 5, 2015
Alaska Groundfish Fleets Face Big Blow From Halibut Bycatch Proposals
By Jeanine Stewart, – March 9, 2015
Bycatch Accounting Disconnects
By Chris Woodley, Fishermen’s News Online [Opinion] – February 2015
Amendment 80 Fleet Takes Further Measures to Reduce Halibut Bycatch
By Chris Woodley, [Opinion] – January 28, 2015
North Pacific Halibut Decline Isn’t A Simple Issue
By Chris Woodley, Alaska Dispatch News [Opinion] – January 2015
Alaska’s Flatfish Trawl Fleet is an Important Economic Contributor Committed to Reducing Halibut Bycatch
By Chris Woodley, Pacific Fishing [Commentary] – January 2015
More on Halibut By-catch:  Don’t Lose Sight of Huge Progress Already Made in the Bering Sea
By Chris Woodley, [Letters] – May 15, 2014
Groundfish Forum Announces New Executive Director
Release Date:  April 22, 2014
Senate Hears from North Pacific on MSA Reauthorization
By Molly Dischner, Alaska Journal of Commerce – March 2014
Testimony of Lori Swanson, Executive Director Groundfish Forum
Before the Senate Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard – February 2014 in Washington, D.C.
Industry Says U.S. Fishing Law Works Well in Alaska
By Lisa Ruskin, APRN – February 2014
Northwest Shipbuilders Expect a Boost from Coast Guard Bill
By Steve Wilhelm, Puget Sound Business Journal – December 2012
Fishing Vessel Construction Work Surges
By Steve Wilhelm, Puget Sound Business Journal – November 2012
Halibut Workshop Slated for April 24-25 in Seattle
By Margaret Bauman, Fishermen’s News Online – April 2012
Bering Sea Fisheries Conference
News from Seattle’s Office of Economic Development @ – April 2012
Fisheries Regulators Take On Preservation of Bering Sea Canyons
By Alexandra Gutierrez, Unalaska Community Broadcasting KUCB 89.7 fm Channel 8 – April 2012
Federal Fleet-Investment Limitations Frustrate Ship Owners
By Hal Bernton, Seattle Times – June 27, 2009
Federal Rules Can Hinder Replacement of Old Boats
By Levi Pulkkinen, Seattle Post-Intelligencer – March 2008
Alaska Fleet Reduces Ground Impact
Fishing News International – February 2008
Truth Lies at Bottom of the Sea
By Ed Luttrell – August 2006
In response to “Bottom Trawling Clearcuts the Oceans”, Seattle PI – August 2004
Cold Water Coral War – A Battle Heats Up Between Trawlers, Environmentalists
By Eric Morrison, Juneau Empire – January 2004
Groundfish Forum’s Press Release on NMFS’ December 1, 2000 Biological Opinion
December 6, 2000
•  Glouster Forum Offers Innovative Tech Ideas
By Lorelei Stevens, Commercial Fisheries News – October 2000
Evolution of Fishing Explored at Forum
By Barbara Taormina, Glouster Daily Times – September 2000
John Gauvin’s Environmental Hero Award
Earth Day, 2000
Trawler’s Avoiding By-Catch “Hot Spots”
By FNI Staff, Fishing News International – February 1998
New Federal Rule Aims to Reduce Wasteful Fishing
Juneau Empire, January 1998
Waste Not, Want Not
By Helen Jung, Anchorage Daily News – January 1998
Amendment 49:  Improved Retention/Improved Utilization of Fish
Groundfish Forum’s Open Top Intemediate Rule Aims to Trim Bycatch:  Fishermen Fear It Will Trim Their Numbers
In Search of Full Retention – A Gutsy Experiment Pays Off for Everyone
By Mick Kronman, National Fisherman Magazine – September 1997
Time to Stop Telling Fish Stories
By J. Madeleine Nash, Time Magazine – August 1997
Response to Time article, “The Fish Crisis”
Groundfish Forum Not Formed Over Full-Retention Issue
By John Gauvin, Dutch Harbor Fishermen – July 1997
Cleaner Fishing
By Laine Welch, Anchorage Daily – April 1997
Weaker Yen Threatens Prices for Alaska Salmon