Tariffs Could Harm NW Fishing Industry in Markets on Both Sides of the Pacific

By Paul Roberts – The Seattle Times, 9/21/18

Northwest seafood companies are the latest victims in the escalating trade war between the Trump administration and China.

First, it was Washington wheat farmers and apple growers. Then it was regional wineries. And now, Pacific Northwest seafood companies are getting sucked into the escalating trade war between the Trump administration and China.

Alaska: Front Line in the Global Trade War

Bloomberg, 7/25/18

President Donald Trump’s trade war is hitting a wide variety of goods produced in America, and Alaska’s fisheries are caught in the crossfire. The industry has become highly dependent on ties with China, thanks to shipments that head there for processing and are then exported again.

Developing Machine Vision to Collect More Timely Fisheries Data

NOAA Fisheries, 5/31/18

Government scientists, academia, and fishermen are working together to develop innovative monitoring tools to identify and measure fish from digital images. This technology could revolutionize the way fisheries data are collected.

Eastern Shipbuilding Launches North Star

WJHG/WECP, 4/19/18

The Eastern Shipbuilding Group launched their latest vessel Thursday afternoon.  The North Star is a freezer stern trawling vessel built for Iquique U.S.  The ship is 261 feet and six inches long and was launched from the Nelson Shipyard after being christened.

Device Measures and Identifies Bycatch

By Kayla Desroches – KMXT 100.1FM Kodiak, Alaska, 3/21/18

A researcher is developing a device that could help make monitoring halibut bycatch more efficient.  Craig Rose from FishNext Research is in town for Kodiak’s fisheries trade show, ComFish, and will talk about the ongoing project: a chute camera and its accompanying software.

2018 Ship of the Year: Araho

By Brian Gauvin – Professional Mariner, 10/31/17

Eastern’s new factory trawler a standout in Alaska.  In March, aboard the new factory trawler Araho, all was a bustle. The vessel, moored at Pier 91 in Seattle, was fresh from making the Panama Canal from Eastern Shipbuilding in Panama City, Fla. Vendors were testing equipment, inspectors were inspecting, and the ship’s officers and crew were tweaking the electronics and machinery while loading trawl gear and provisions for the trip north to the unforgiving fishing grounds of Alaska.

Eleven of 27 Amendments Proposed for Magnuson Reauthorization Bill HR 200 Could Go to House Vote

By Susan Chambers – SeafoodNews, 7/27/18

An anticipated House of Representatives floor vote on H.R. 200, the Strengthening Fishing Communities and Increasing Flexibility in Fisheries Management Act, was delayed Tuesday. More than 25 amendments were proposed for the bill reauthorizing the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

NOAA Says Seafood for Reprocessing Exempt from Chinese Tariffs, but Rebate System May Impose Costs

By Jim Paulin with material from John Sackton – SeafoodNews, 6/27/18

NOAA has confirmed via email to people in the Alaska seafood industry that the 25% Chinese retaliatory tariff will not apply to re-processed products for export.

Yellowfin Sole Harvest in Bering Sea Sprinting After Slow Start

By Jason Huffman –, 5/11/18

Harvesters of yellowfin sole in Alaska’s Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) have overcome a slow start to the season and now are operating at such an accelerated pace that they could deliver their biggest landing in four years.

Modernizing Fisheries Management Should Benefit All Sectors

By Shannon Carroll & Susie Zagorski – Fishermen’s News, 4/1/18

For more than forty years, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) has utilized a precautionary science-based approach to fisheries management. This approach has led to some of the most sustainably managed fisheries in the world.

Pacific Fisheries Review: US Fisheries – Technology and Sustainability

By Mike Hillers – Fishermen’s News, 12/1/17

“Technology is neither good nor bad; neither is it neutral.” Melvin Kranzberg’s First Law of Technology.

Spooling Strategies: European Electric Winches Hit the US

By Mike Hillers – Fishermen’s News, 12/1/17

“Technology is neither good nor bad; neither is it neutral.” Melvin Kranzberg’s First Law of Technology.