Groundfish Forum Announces New Executive Director

Release Date:  April 22, 2014

Groundfish Forum, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mr. Chris Woodley has accepted a position with our association and will assume the duties of Executive Director beginning July 1, 2014.  The current Executive Director, Ms. Lori Swanson, will continue on as the Executive Director during a twelve-­‐week transition period and will be remain an integral part of the Groundfish Forum team after 1 July.

Groundfish Forum is a Seattle-­‐based trade association that represents five members who own 16 catcher-­‐ processor vessels that operate in the flatfish, Pacific cod, rockfish, and Atka mackerel fisheries of the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, and Gulf of Alaska.  The five member companies -­‐-­‐ Fishermen’s Finest, Iquique US, Ocean Peace, Inc., O’Hara Corporation, and United States Seafoods – operate the vast majority of the Amendment 80 fleet, which provided direct employment for approximately 2,000 people and harvested 396,000 metric tons of fish with a wholesale value of $392 million in 2012.

“Chris has a vast wealth of experience working with Alaska’s commercial fishing industry in a number of capacities, as well as extensive experience in maritime safety/compliance and governmental affairs. The member companies of Groundfish Forum are thrilled to have Chris on our team,” said Todd Loomis, President of Groundfish Forum and Director of Government and Industry Affairs with Ocean Peace, Inc.

Mr. Woodley recently departed the United States Coast Guard where he achieved the rank of Captain after 24 years of service with the agency.  He spent the last two years  of his career as the Prevention Division Chief at the 14th Coast Guard District in Honolulu, HI.  Prior to his service in Honolulu, he had spent the previous 19 years at multiple assignments in Anchorage, Dutch Harbor, and Seattle conducting and overseeing commercial vessel inspections, accident investigations, and waterways management activities.