Fishery Innovation Through Research Collaborations Between Industry and NMFS/Universities

Groundfish Forum is continually working with NMFS gear researchers and university scientists on development of bycatch reduction technologies, improvements in the accuracy of fishery data, and expansion of the base scientific knowledge on the effects of fishing gear on benthic habitat.  Some of these collaborations are explained in a recent paper presented at ICES (International Council for the Exploitation of the Sea) 2000 Annual Science Meeting (under the session entitled Cooperative Research with the Fishing Industry:  Lessons Learned.)

The ICES paper below describes many of the advantages that collaboration can provide, ranging from sharing of different knowledge bases to improve the accuracy and relevance of research, collective approaches to innovation, and increase in the cost effectiveness of research through provision of research platforms at a fraction of the cost of traditional research charters.

Over the next several months, Groundfish Forum will be expanding this section to describe other research collaborations of which we are currently involved.  This section will also carrying information on our goal to expand this work to make use of the knowledge and resources available in the non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), which are dedicated to environmental science and protection, not just fund raising through exploitation of the public’s lack of knowledge about fishery management and the fishing industry.  We see many exciting possibilities for future collaborations of the latter sort and hope to begin a few pilot projects over the next six months.