2002 Issues, Initiatives & Projects

Advisory Panel: The H&G sector retained its seat on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s (NPFMC) Advisory Panel (AP). Teressa Kandianis continued to provide representation for the Head & Gut (H&G) sector and continued to do an impressive job informing the panel on H&G issues and contributing to the development of improvements to the management of our fisheries.

BSAI Multi-Species Fisheries Cooperative: Groundfish Forum members continued to work internally to form multi-species cooperatives as a means to reduce bycatch and increase utilization.

North Pacific Research Board (NPRB): John Gauvin was appointed by Washington State Governor Gary Locke to the NPRB. The mission of NPRB is to develop a comprehensive, high caliber, science program that provides a better understanding of the North Pacific, Bering Sea, and Arctic Ocean ecosystems and their fisheries. The committee’s work is conducted through science planning, prioritization of pressing fishery management and ecosystem information needs, coordination and cooperation among research programs, competitive selection of research projects, enhanced information availability, and public involvement.

United Fishermen of Alaska (UFA): Groundfish Forum became a member of UFA, whose mission is to promote and protect the common interest of Alaska’s commercial fishing industry as a vital component of Alaska’s social and economic well being.

American Fisheries Society (AFS): John Gauvin was asked to speak at the annual AFS “Turning the Tide: Forging Partnerships to Enhance Fisheries” conference in Baltimore. John spoke on bycatch reduction through cooperative research.

Gulf of Alaska (GOA) Fisheries: Groundfish Forum worked with the industry and the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) in a continuing effort to rationalize the GOA fisheries.

Effects Of Fishing Activities On Benthic Habitat Symposium: John Gauvin was a presenter at the symposium held in St. Petersburg, FL. The topic John presented was “Approaches to Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) management for Alaska groundfish fisheries that fulfill habitat management objectives and maintain viable groundfish fisheries”.

Washington DC: Individuals from the industry coordinated a trip to Washington DC to discuss with Washington and Alaska delegates the industry’s position on the Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization and H.R. 4003, the Ocean Habitat Protection Act introduced by Rep. Joel Hefley of Colorado that would ban the use of ground-fishing gear larger than 8 inches in diameter on bottom trawlers.

Atka Mackerel Fisheries: Groundfish Forum coordinated an analysis of tow patterns in the Atka mackerel fishery using towlines generated from Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) positional data and logbook information. The project demonstrated that Atka mackerel tows have a high amount of overlap, which could result in the actual amount of bottom contact being over-estimated by more than 250%.

Essential Fish Habitat (EFH): John Gauvin participated as a member of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) committee, which worked on a range of alternatives for habitat protection which still allowed for economically viable fisheries.

Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC): John Gauvin was nominated for the Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee.  The MAFAC’s responsibility is to advise the Secretary of Commerce on living marine resource matters that fall within the purview of the Department of Commerce. Its objective is to ensure that the Nation’s living marine resource policies and programs meet the needs of commercial and recreational fishermen, and environmental, state, consumer, academic and other national interests.

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